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Navin Shah

Navin Murji Shah

He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and first generation entrepreneur, one of the founders having experience of real estate industry since 1984. He is still fully active in business and company is gaining benefits of his contacts and influences. He has managed fund flow in such a way that company have never faced liquidity crunch.

Jagat Shah

Jagat Vasant Shah

He is second generation commerce graduate entrepreneur joined with his father and founder member at the age of 22 and gained all type of experiences by active participation. He has slowly and gradually converted the business model from conventional method to corporate governance. Vision is to put company on autopilot mode wherein wisdom of directors is used at its maximum output level and managerial tasks are taken care by systems and processes. He is the person who can create leaders among the competent managers. He has been a torchbearer for the Nidhaan Group of companies. He has been a visionary leader based on a balanced expression of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical dimensions. His clear vision, commitment to values and pioneer spirit has always helped Nidhaan to touch new heights. He is widely recognized for his path-breaking and visionary contribution to the company what has helped it to establish a strong presence in the real estate sector.

Rahul Shah

Rahul Mohanlal Shah

He is a second generation entrepreneur and has done masters in family management business, besides commerce graduation and interior architecture. He joined with Jagat Shah and his father and founder member at the age of 24 taking care of day to day affairs. He is very analytic in all respects and has supported company to bring its cost ratio down. He has been a charismatic young leader who has brought a new vigor in the whole organization and its work culture. Nearly one decade of experience and keen eye on details makes him stand different from everyone else around.

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