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Excellence It is the foundation of everything we do.

A paradigm of innovation, Quality and life time value making.


Culture is the way of life at Nidhaan, as we progress towards achieving our Goal and live our mission, we need to adapt a certain supportive culture that contributes to making this place a dynamic Organization. Over the years our culture will metamorphose and change to adapt to what is most optimum for success, we presently define what kind of a culture we need to take us where we want to go…

Adaptability to change- People must be open to change as change is constant and ready to embrace the new system in which we need to operate

Professionalism- We need to work with professionalism and be methodical in what we do, we also must embrace technology to our advantage

Team Work- Individual heroes will not be encouraged but the focus will be on working as a well knit team. To a great extent all problems will be solved through consultative processes and that’s the way we intend to grow

Coordination- To achieve our Goal we must be well coordinated and systematic apart from being organized. Our coordination must lead to greater efficiency and lesser mistakes

Communication- Communication with our partners, employees and our customers must be built on transparency. The management will also take all efforts to communicate the progress made on our Goal.

Quality Work- Do it right the first time, let's avoid making avoidable mistakes that leads to slowing down the system and as much as possible learn from our previous mistakes.

Performance Orientation- We need to instill and create a performance oriented culture in which high performers are adequately rewarded and talented individuals see a steady growth in their careers

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